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the i2S interface for the whole ZeroUno family

the i2S interface for the whole ZeroUno family - CanEVER AUDIO®

The i2S interconnection between sources and DAC became popular in the last year mainly because it transports the signal at their original nature and not assembled together so to be transported in an asynchronous connection.

To do not lose the possibility to interface almost any device present on the market, a universal i2S interface is available for the whole ZeroUno family. Any ZeroUno unit can guest the i2S input, of any nature, at the price to loose one of the standard digital inputs, cinch or AES/EBU or Optic or USB.


1) the standard ZeroUno Pure-DAC



2) the ZeroUno Pure-DAC with the i2S input



3) the ZeroUno Pure-DAC with the i2S input (optional configuration)

    i2S RJ45, i2S HDMI, USB, OPTIC


4) the ZeroUno Pure-DAC with the i2S capability (special configuration)


STEREOPHILE - ZeroUno DAC enters in the recommended Components

STEREOPHILE - ZeroUno DAC enters in the recommended Components - CanEVER AUDIO®


Srajan Ebaen - 6moons

Sonically the HPA continued its victory lap with flying colors rich and fleshy. Dynamics continued trigger happy. That caused more emphasis difference across melodic arcs, between rhythmic beats. In my book, these two qualities—higher dynamic contrast, more finely hued tone colors—are a must if one enjoys listening at lower levels. It's then that things naturally tend to flatten out and get paler. The keener a system is at keeping its finger on the 'dying pulse' of low-level dynamic flickers, the more it grips our interest. The longer it can maintain color density, the less we suffer the effects of intruding whitishness as though winter were coming Particularly with headfi, long-term exposure to high SPL is fatiguing and dangerous. Listening lower will lengthen both our short- and long-term enjoyment of the hobby. Here Mario's weighting of the necessary qualities to make it so felt most apt. 

... For the very fair price asked, CanEver's Italian-built DAC/pre with transformer-coupled 'chip-direct' outputs plus amplified quad-transistor class A outputs with remote volume control plus high-output headphone sockets wins our award which accounts equally for fine build quality and lovely finishing. Informed by his love of old-school valve circuits with signal-path magnetics and big-iron power supplies, Mario CanEver's ZeroUno HPA contains no glowing filaments yet still manages to evoke refined core traits of such sonics for all the gain without any of the pain. If that's not a win/win, I don't know what is. 



From the Stereophile Web Site 

While digital processors with tubed output sections aren't new, the Italian CanEver Audio ZeroUno breaks with convention by looking less like a DAC than a 2A3-fueled power amp, its two Coke-bottle–style CV181 dual-triode tubes enjoying pride of place atop a distinctly attractive case. Under its skin is an ESS Sabre32 ES9018S chip, its eight internal differential DACs used in a quad-sum configuration.

Supplementing the ESS chip are multiple PCM and DSD filters of CanEver's own design, selectable via a menu system that also provides a switchable jitter filter, signal-polarity inversion, channel balance, and other niceties.

The ZeroUno supports PCM to 384kHz and DSD64 and 128 as DoP; newer versions of the CanEver DAC are said to provide MQA compatibility, though that was not available at the time of our review.

Art Dudley noted shortcomings in the ZeroUno's manual, especially when it came to navigating its software menu—we're told that this, too, has been refined in current production—but forgot those complaints after noting that the Italian DAC made his favorite files sound more colorful and "less hi-fi" than what he's used to hearing from digital playback.

Art's conclusion:

“…….I’ve heard no other digital product that succeeds quite so well as the ZeroUno at letting music sound like music. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!”


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The ZeroUno DAC-HPA Headphone Amp & Digital Preamplifier

Steve Guttenberg: the delicius Italian made ...
The  ZeroUno DAC-HPA Headphone Amp & Digital Preamplifier - CanEVER AUDIO®

 Also this year CanEVER Audio to gain the attention of the international trade press with its products. After Art Dudley last year, another world-renowned journalist visited us with Herb Reichert for an informative conversation. Read a short report on Herb Reichert's DAC / Headphone Amplifier, which we recently introduced at the High End 2019, on the website of INNER FIDELITY, the offshoot of STEREOPHILE in the USA, which focuses on headphones and headphone amplifiers.

Herb Reichert is here 

A whole and detailed presentation is on 6moons. A great thanks to Srajan Ebaen of 6moons for the time spent to investigate "inside" the product, behind the face of a unit that is at the same time is:

  • a Digital to Audio Converter,
  • a Digital Preamplifier and
  • a Headphone amplifier.

All in One.


LaScala & OLIMPICO Pure Class A Power Amplifiers

LaScala & OLIMPICO Pure Class A Power Amplifiers - CanEVER AUDIO®

The CanEver Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp is a homage to the famous Teatro Olimpico, located in Vicenza, designed by the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, a pearl for design and listening experience.

The OLIMPICO Power Amp project is based on that of the LaScala Power Amp, marking the top in the CanEver Audio product line. But unlike the LaScala, which comes in two separate cabinets (power supply & amp circuit) the OLIMPICO comes in one single box.

While the LaSacla is able to deliver a maximum output power of 120W per channel in pure Class A, the OLIMPICO has been tailored to deliver 50W pure Class A “only”.

As many audiophile experience over time, the sound quality of an amp does not correlate with its output power. Sometimes the sound of a “small” amp combined with matching speakers is surprisingly good. Listening to some well designed SET amps or those based on the First Watt projects of Nelson Pass may be an example.

The CanEVER Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp is positioned right between those “flea powered” amps demanding really high efficient speakers to sound good and those mostly oversized amps delivering several hundreds of watts.

Delivering solid 50 Wrms in pure Class A, the CanEver Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp can drive any seriously designed speaker to its top level of performance.

The lines remain true to the original lines of its big brother - the CanEver Audio LaScala Power Amp - revisiting them with a more attractive flair. The character remains unique and unmistakable.

The OLIMPICO Power Amp was designed with the aim of creating a smart, simple and useful power amplifier to highlight the original concept of a "hybrid amplifier with as less stages as possible, no feedback loops and without any capacitor in the signal path".

The basic architecture of the OLIMPICO Power Amp, the output transformers, the interstage transformers and the tubes are the same as used inside its big brother the LaScala.

The first stage of the OLIMPICO is based on a TRIODE stage responsible for the whole voltage amplification followed by a current stage designed around only two power MOSFETs per channel. These stages are coupled by interstage transformers, so not a single capacitor touches the sound of the audio signal.

Everything is designed, inspired by the Canever Audio Leitmotif: The Natural Sound!

The two output transformers of the OLIMPICO Power Amp are specified up to a maximum power of 400 Watts. These transformers guaranty high linearity, wide bandwidth and naturally isolate the loudspeakers in case of fault.

Working at “only” 50Wrms pure Class A compared with the 400 W of reservoir power, the OLIPMPICO blends comfort with versatility and makes it perfect for relaxed everyday listening experience – but without ever compromising its technological spirit.

The CanEVER Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp is designed based on 25 years of experience. The result is an amplifier, which leaves no room for doubt about the performance it can deliver.


A special thanks to Matej Isak of Mono&Stereo ... he is reviewing the LA SCALA amplifier, looking to real features of the unit.

Here the review about LaScala Power amplifier.