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6moons review - CanEVER AUDIO®

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OLIMPICO Pure Class A Power Amplifier

OLIMPICO Pure Class A Power Amplifier - CanEVER AUDIO®

The CanEver Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp is a homage to the famous Teatro Olimpico, located in Vicenza, designed by the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, a pearl for design and listening experience.

The OLIMPICO Power Amp project is based on that of the LaScala Power Amp, marking the top in the CanEver Audio product line. But unlike the La Scala, which comes in two separate cabinets (power supply & amp circuit) the OLIMPICO comes in one single box.

While the La Scala is able to deliver a maximum output power of 120W per channel in pure Class A, the OLIMPICO has been tailored to deliver 90Wrms pure Class A “only”.

As many audiophile experience over time, the sound quality of an amp does not correlate with its output power. Sometimes the sound of a “small” amp combined with matching speakers is surprisingly good. Listening to some well designed SET amps or those based on the First Watt projects of Nelson Pass may be an example.

The CanEVER Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp is positioned right between those “flea powered” amps demanding really high efficient speakers to sound good and those mostly oversized amps delivering several hundreds of watts.

Delivering solid 50 Wrms in pure Class A, the CanEver Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp can drive any seriously designed speaker to its top level of performance.

The lines remain true to the original lines of its big brother - the CanEver Audio LaScala Power Amp - revisiting them with a more attractive flair. The character remains unique and unmistakable.

The OLIMPICO Power Amp was designed with the aim of creating a smart, simple and useful power amplifier to highlight the original concept of a "hybrid amplifier with as less stages as possible, no feedback loops and without any capacitor in the signal path".

The basic architecture of the OLIMPICO Power Amp, the output transformers, the interstage transformers and the tubes are the same as used inside its big brother the LaScala.

The first stage of the OLIMPICO is based on a TRIODE stage responsible for the whole voltage amplification followed by a current stage designed around only two power MOSFETs per channel. These stages are coupled by interstage transformers, so not a single capacitor touches the sound of the audio signal.

Everything is designed, inspired by the Canever Audio Leitmotif: The Natural Sound!

The two output transformers of the OLIMPICO Power Amp are specified up to a maximum power of 600 Watts. These transformers guaranty high linearity, wide bandwidth and naturally isolate the loudspeakers in case of fault.

Working at “only” 90Wrms pure Class A compared with the 600 W of reservoir power, the OLIMPICO blends comfort with versatility and makes it perfect for relaxed everyday listening experience – but without ever compromising its technological spirit.

The CanEVER Audio OLIMPICO Power Amp is designed based on 25 years of experience. The result is an amplifier, which leaves no room for doubt about the performance it can deliver.

The Power Supply

The Power Supply - CanEVER AUDIO®

The OLIMPICO power supply comes after years of experiments and implementations in other application fields asking for ultra-low noise (below uV), ultra low electromagnetic interferences and a power factor close 100%.

A standard Switch Mode Power Supply(SMPS) cannot be used in HiFi HiEnd applications because the Power Factor can easily be below 70% and the noise at the output can be eaisly over 100mV. These characteristics are the responsible of the bad reputation of the SMPS.

Canever Audio designed a SMPS tailored for HiFi HiEnd use with the goal to equal the best analog power supplies.

It is derived from medical applications and installation in hazardous environments, know how acquired in more than 25 years of design and implementations.

The OLIMPICO amplifier works in class A, with a constant current asked to the power supply. This helps a lot to set and tune all the parameters of the SMPS itself.

Indeed the SMPS engine is followed by a tuned double Pi (π) analog filter, really the heart of the power supply, made with toroidal inductors and teflon capacitors, calculate to match exactly the working point of the SMPS.

With class A/B or class B it is more difficult to reach the same feauteres.

The Power Factor (actually the ratio of apparent power and real power) is electronically managed by a PFC module. The PFC acts so to approximate the waveform of input current to a pure sine wave, so to reduce the harmonics and improve the ratio of apparent power and real power (actually the Power Factor). 

The ideal power factor is 100% … the power supply of the OLIMPICO exhibits a PF close 99%, remembering that the OLIMPICO works in class A, in other words the power supply has “always “ to source the “same” current.

The kit of Transformers

The kit of Transformers - CanEVER AUDIO®

The real heart of the La Scala and Olimpico power amplifiers.

To encourage the implementation of amplifiers with transformers at the output and/or interstage transformers the kit of transformers is available for sell.